Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property epitomizes a judicious leveraging of your home or property as collateral, unlocking substantial financial resources. The quantum of the loan is intricately tied to the assessed value of the property, ensuring a proportional and rational approach to financing.

This financial avenue offers an attractive proposition, providing borrowers with a considerable sum at highly competitive interest rates. The accessibility of these funds extends to addressing a spectrum of financial needs, whether for business ventures or personal requirements. Whether it's financing expensive education, managing unexpected medical emergencies, or fueling the expansion of a business, Loan Against Property emerges as a versatile financial solution.

To initiate the application process for Loan Against Property, certain key documents are imperative :

Property Documentation:

Registry Papers or Power of Attorney (POA) valid for mortgage purposes.

KYC Documentation:

Aadhar Card

Address/Residential Proof:

Passport, Driving License, PAN, Voter ID

Earning Documents:

If self-employed, provide Bank Statements for the last 6 months or 2-years Income Tax Returns (ITR).

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Loan against property is provided for business purposes - to help grow