Micro Enterprise Loan

Micro Enterprise Loans epitomize our commitment to fostering sustainable economic development at the grassroots level. Tailored exclusively for our esteemed Self-Help Group (SHG) and Joint Liability Group (JLG) clients, these loans represent a strategic infusion of financial support designed to fortify existing livelihoods and catalyze the creation of additional income streams.

Crafted with precision, Micro Enterprise Loans are characterized by their modest yet impactful amounts, accompanied by lower interest rates and shorter durations. This trifecta of attributes ensures accessibility, affordability, and agility in meeting the diverse and dynamic needs of microentrepreneurs within our client base.

At the core of our approach is the recognition that microenterprises form the backbone of local economies. These loans act as enablers, providing the necessary financial impetus for small-scale agricultural endeavors, home-based businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures to thrive. By strategically supporting these microenterprises, we not only bolster existing economic activities but also empower individuals to explore and expand into new avenues of income generation.

The lower interest rates associated with Micro Enterprise Loans underscore our commitment to financial inclusivity. This ensures that borrowers can navigate their financial obligations with ease, fostering a sustainable repayment framework. The shorter loan durations align with the swift nature of microenterprises, offering quick access to capital for operational needs and seizing immediate opportunities.

Beyond the individual impact, Micro Enterprise Loans contribute substantially to local economic ecosystems. The loans become catalysts for job creation, skill development, and community advancement. The positive reverberations extend beyond financial stability to improved living standards and heightened economic activity within the communities we serve.

In essence, Micro Enterprise Loans embody our vision for a future where financial empowerment is not a luxury but a tangible reality for all. Through these meticulously designed financial instruments, we pave the way for a sustainable and inclusive economic landscape, where microentrepreneurs emerge as the driving force of progress.


  • Age Criteria : 18 to 60
  • Documentation : Aadhar, PAN/Voter ID/Driving License, 3 months bank statement/passbook, 3 security cheques
  • RoI as low as 28% p.a.
  • Amount upto 1 lacs
  • Processing fee 3% only
  • Tenure from 1 to 2 years depending on need of customer

JLG Loan

  • Age Criteria : 18 to 60
  • Documentation : Aadhar, PAN/Voter ID/Driving License, 3 months bank statement/passbook
  • Women only
  • No cheques needed
  • RoI as low as 28% p.a.
  • Amount from 40,000 to 1,00,000
  • Tenure from 1 to 2 years depending on need of customer
30,000 to 1,00,000 (in Different Cycles)
  • Tenure

    12-120 months
  • Collaterals

  • Rate of Interest

    18-28% Reducing
  • Repayment Frequency

  • Processing Fees

    5% + GST